Commercial Fleet Insurance items needed to quote

How to get the best or most accurate Commercial Fleet Insurance Rate Quote.

Here is what a business owner need to know to get the best Commercial Fleet Insurance Rates 1-(888) 287-3449.
Here is what a business owner needs to know to get the best Commercial Fleet Insurance Rate Quotes. Click image to submit initial information.

Information about your company

Provide your agent or broker information on how your business uses your vehicles. This will surely impact the overall premium as usage in one of the key factors in rating. Provide information to your agent or broker about who drives the vehicles, whether the vehicle transports people for a fare or general freight or consumer goods. If the vehicle is driven daily and how many miles or if they are parked some or most of the time.


Information on vehicles to insure

If your current policy doesn’t already include it, make a list of every vehicle to be insured on the commercial auto insurance policy, including:

•Cost when new
•Gross vehicle weight, especially if the vehicle is a truck
•Current mileage
•Vehicle identification number (VIN)
•Radius traveled for each vehicle in miles

Information on driver’s that operate vehicles

For each driver, include:

•Legal name
•Date of birth
•Social Security number
•Driver’s license number
•Identify driver/s with a CDL
**A motor vehicle drivers abstract for each driver is critical in accurate rate calculations**

Current dated prior insurance company Loss history Reports.

If you do not already have loss runs you should contact your prior companies early in the new rate quating process and bee prepared to provide information detailed information about any commercial auto insurance claims you have made in the past three years. If your company hasn’t had any, or at least not serious or large losses your quote and premiums may be less.

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