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Introduction to Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is an invaluable service designed to help businesses with multiple vehicles to protect their investments. It is an insurance policy with the aim of covering a group of vehicles under a single policy. It is an ideal solution for businesses that need to insure a large number of company-owned or leased vehicles such as vans, trucks, buses, and cars. This type of insurance is designed to save businesses time and money when it comes to managing their fleet’s insurance needs.

Fleet Insurance Benefits

Having a fleet insurance policy can help businesses to save money in a number of ways. The most obvious benefit is that businesses can save money on their insurance premiums. By combining multiple vehicles into a single policy, businesses can benefit from discounted rates from their insurance provider. In addition, businesses that opt for fleet insurance can benefit from a range of additional features such as consolidated billing, coverage customization, and more.

Another benefit of fleet insurance is that it simplifies the process of managing the insurance needs of multiple vehicles. With a single policy, businesses can manage their vehicles’ insurance requirements with one provider and a single policy, saving time and effort. This is especially beneficial for businesses that have multiple vehicles in different locations.

How to Save Money on Fleet Insurance

There are a number of steps businesses can take to save money on their fleet insurance premiums. The first step is to shop around and compare quotes from different providers. Different providers may offer different levels of coverage and discounts, so it pays to shop around and compare quotes from multiple providers to find the best deal.

In addition, businesses should review their current policy to ensure that it is meeting their needs. Reviewing the policy can help businesses to identify areas where they could save money, for example, by opting for a higher deductible or by reducing the coverage for certain vehicles.

Businesses should also consider taking advantage of any discounts that may be available. For instance, businesses may be able to save money by increasing the safety measures on their vehicles, such as by fitting additional safety features or by providing driver training.

Finally, businesses should also consider the type of vehicles in their fleet when taking out a policy. Different types of vehicles can come with different levels of risk and may attract different levels of premiums. For example, vans may be more expensive to insure than cars. By taking the time to review the different types of vehicles in the fleet, businesses can ensure that they have the right coverage at the best price.

Fleet insurance is an invaluable service for businesses with multiple vehicles. It can help businesses to save money on their insurance premiums and simplify the process of managing the insurance needs of multiple vehicles. By taking the time to shop around and compare quotes, review their current policy, take advantage of discounts, and review the types of vehicles in their fleet, businesses can save money on their fleet insurance premiums.

Buying fleet commercial auto or truck insurance can be tricky so we will guide you through the process like we have done for thousands of customers over the last 31 years. Insure with auto liability, cargo coverage, physical damage or buy certain coverage’s by themselves, either way we’ll take good care of you.

Please be sure to have your documents and all pertinent information handy for us to assemble as a packet in case we have to submit your company information to any wholesalers or national brokerage firms to secure an affordable policy on your behalf. When you have questions or concerns we will be here to help you sort it out.

We pledge to work our hardest to maximize any and all discounts to get your best fleet auto insurance deal available in NJ or any other state that we maintain an active license in.

We can insure big rig trucking operations, box truck operations, bread trucks, contractor operations and companies that have a mixed vehicle type of fleet with Commercial Fleet Auto policies.  We have been doing so since 2004 and hope to be able to help your business with Fleet Insurance as well. Allow us to work up a great fleet insurance proposal to insure your commercial vehicles. We will explore each and every coverage option and of course any and all discounts that might qualify for.